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Friday, September 30, 2011

A Shoe Tale: QUICK GIVEAWAY: Preloved Parfait x A Shoe Tale

A Shoe Tale: QUICK GIVEAWAY: Preloved Parfait x A Shoe Tale: I've decided to make this quick giveaway a 2 week one so more people could join! :) Their stuff are gorgeous and I would love for one of you...

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Haven't posts my Baby's 1st birthday. (KURT). Promise I'll post it soon. I don't have time yet 'coz I'm taking care of my two babies! :)

Happy Girls are the prettiest.

I really my friends. I mean my forever best friends/girlfriends. I miss hanging out with them. It's been a couple of months since the last time we've seen each other, or may I say that we're complete that time.

I miss your chika girls. I know you have tons of chika to share! :) When we have to see each other again, sooner or later, what we'll do is non-stop bonding time, laughter and everything. I miss you girls! :)

57th month ♥

Although we had our fights, ups & downs & tons of drama we are still together and everyday our love grows stronger and stronger.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Drowning Equilibriums: Les Roux x DE Giveaway!!!

Drowning Equilibriums: Les Roux x DE Giveaway!!!: I've first seen Les Roux accessories on Domz & Tricia's blog. My initial reaction was, "How dainty and cute!". When Le Roux contacted me f...

Drowning Equilibriums: Big Birthday Giveaway!

Drowning Equilibriums: Big Birthday Giveaway!: I know it's super delayed, but here's my birthday giveaway finale--finally!!! It's also a great way to start the new month don't you think?:...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My 2nd little PRINCE ☺

Yes, my 2nd baby boy. I gave birth last July 30, 2011 around 5:00am.

So ganto yun, July 29, around 7pm, nagpacheck up ako sa OB-GYNE ko. then sabe niya 4cm na daw and anytime pwede na daw manganak. Pag-uwi pa lang namin, ramdam kong sumasakit sakit na yung puson ko dahil dunsa ginawang pag-IE. Srsly, masakit talaga that time. After dinner, lakad na ko ng lakad, para bumaba na yung tyan ko. Around 2pm, nakakaramdam na ko ng sakit sa tyan. I thought wala lang yon. Akala ko dahil lang sa lamig or naiihi ako, then when I checked my underwear may spotting na ko. Buti na lang ready na lahat ng gamit na dadlin sa hospital kaya nakapunta agad kame. Tinawagan ko agad si Cj. Syempre ayoko naman wala siya dun.

When we're in the hospital na, super in pain na talaga ako. Srsly, mas masakit pa maglabor kaysa magdeliver. Lalo na pag kailangan akong ma-IE, mas masakit habang naglalabor. I can't explain how painful it is. Around 4:00 am na dumating yung OB-GYNE ko. While in the delivery room, pinaglalabor pa din nila ko. Nililinispa nila yung legs ko and everything na lalabasan nung baby. Tinuturuan pa nila ko umire then magcocount daw sila ng hanggang 10 tapos dun lang ako magsstop sa pag-ire. Di ko alam na ganon pala dapat, kase di ko naman na-encounter yun before nung pinanganak ko si Kurt.

Exactly 5:00, lumabas na si baby. Di ko na alam mga nangyari after. Bigla akong nakatulog after niyang makalabas. Nagising na lang ako ng 8:00 am. :)

Here's some pictures of Kean.
3.2 kg / 7.02 pounds

Yan din yung damit na suot ni Kurt nung lumabas din kame ng hospital. :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our 56th month.

"You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever."
4 months to go and we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Long distance relationship.

Nowadays, many people are engaged in a long distance relationship. The fact that you cannot see your love one every time you wanted to makes it difficult for the both of you to keep your relationship stay longer. There are lots of things that one must do and lots that one must not do in order to rescue and sustain a long distance relationship.

  1. Practice respect, honestly and trust your partner and yourself. Listening in a caring and honest manner is a crucial component for facilitating trust with your partner. You should voluntarily offer information and communicate with empathy so that your partner will feel secure and prompted to open up as well.
  2. Frequent communications is an important element of long distance relationships. Every relationship is different, but the advantage of talking or checking in with your partner at least once each day can provide a stabilizing force to a relationship but often may be difficult due to different schedules, responsibilities, or time-zones.
  3. Bonding and nurturing emotional intimacy questions means being there for each other: "What was the most exciting/annoying part of your day? How are you feeling about us now?"
  4. Making use of different technology. Couples are not limited to phone calls. To add an element of surprise and spice to your long distance relationship, make the effort to send your partner a short email or text message expressing your feelings or just a sweet and simple "I love you". Writing letters via "snail-mail" can be romantic and also a keepsake memento for those times you're both feeling lonely or missing each other or a surprise for a special occasion.
  5. Maintain a sense of humor with your partner is essential in sharing in blunders of miscommunication and being able to laugh at your situation together.
  6. Maintain a good personal boundaries and limits and talking about realistic expectations creates greater comfort and a sense of security and doesn't lead to mixed messages or signals. Keep in mind to end your conversations with appreciations, hopes and desires for the present and near future. This helps strengthen your coping abilities with the situation.

Mga pilosopiyang marahil ay totoo.

  • Ang taong natutulog ng makati ang pwet, nagigising ng mabaho ang daliri.
  • Ang taong malikot sa upuan, ay tinatawag na ng kalikasan.
  • Kapag mataas ang score mo sa exam, kadalasan ay nagtatanong ka ng score ng iba, para maipagmayabang mo din ang mataas mong score kung tanungin man niya.
  • Kapag magkasama ang dalawang tao lalo na kung lalaki at babae at nagmamahalan, grabe ang bagal sa paglalakad.
  • Sa text, mas malungkot kapag ganito :"(, kaysa "huhu.."
  • Kapag nasaktan o nasugatan, ang sumisigaw ng "aray" ng malakas ay kaunting sakit lang ang naidulot, ngunit kung mahina lang, ayun talaga ang masakit.
  • Sobrang nakakainis at nakakalungkot kung may nawala kang kahit anong susi.

Love is worth the effort.

Loving someone is not easy. You have to undergo a lot of stages of developing your feelings with someone.

The first stage is ATTRACTION. It is a positive response to a person beyond friendship. This first stage can further be broken down in two areas: a.) Physical Attraction. This happens when your body reacts to another person. Increase in heart rate; temperature rises, palms get sweaty;stomach flutters; throat tightens; etc. b.)Emotional Attraction. This develops next if the situation are right. However, this can also occur even when a physical attraction does not. The bond may even be stronger between the two who connect, because the love each other even though they start out as "strangers" and not as "friends".

The second stage is ROMANCE.

It is an act of trying to influence or gain favor of another by giving attention of gifts to him/her.

Two types of romance:

  • Selfish Romance - it occurs when you do romantic acts solely for the purpose of gaining something for yourself, like to get gifts or to impress someone else.
  • Selfless Romance - it occurs when you do romantic acts for the enjoyment and pleasure of your partner. You receive your enjoyment and pleasure through their happiness.

The third stage is PASSION. The passion stage is very important. From here, the desire for another person has grown to the point that can't be ignored, and the couple must decide which path to take. The relationship might end up or must move on to the next stage.

The fourth stage is the INTIMACY. This is the stage where you become so open with each other. You share your thoughts, your feelings, your dreams. *You cannot undergo this stage in an instant. It is a developing process., which never ends. If you can't establish intimacy, with your partner your relationship may work for a while, but is unlikely to last throughout the years.

The final stage is the COMMITMENT. It is a promise to remain true to your mate through good and bad times. Commitment is easy when times are good. Commitment can be extremely difficult when times are bad. Learn to ride out the bad times.

If you have made it this far why give up? Listen and try to understand each other, so you can avoid having problems that might threaten your relationship. Love is worth the effort.

"You cannot serve two masters in one time."

This saying is true. It is really hard for us to serve two people at the same time. God created us, people who only have one body, one brain, and most especially, one heart.

Loving two persons at the same time is like serving two people in one time. It is really complicated. Some people fall in love with another person even if they are already committed. Some will say that they are searching for something missing in their present love life and the other person fills it out. And as we all know, this is not right. But, what is the best thing to do in the situation like this? These are some of the things I think you should do:

You should think hard and decide who between the two of them is the one you really love. You would get to the point that you would say that they're just equal, but that is impossible; think again. Maybe the other one is the one you really love but you just don't know it right now. Just wait for the right time and you will discover it. You cannot love both of them. You SHOULD REALLY CHOOSE ONE. Also know if those people love you back or if they know that you love another person rather than just him/her.

In loving two people at the same time, others may consider you two-timer. They might get mad at you and hate you so you really need to do something about it. Take your time. Always think twice before doing something. Remember this, loving is a great thing only if it is in the right time and the right person.

Hindi dahil sa hindi mo naiintindihan ang isang bagay ay kasinungalingan na ito. At hindi lahat ng kaya mong intindihin ay katotohanan.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

His sweetest smile :)

Everytime na nagssmile siya ng ganyan, sobrang nakakatanggal ng stress. Nakakawala ng pagod at inis. Tapos may kasama pang kiss. :) Napakacharming ng smile ng baby ko. Then makikita yung dalawa niyang dimples. Hee! :) Cute. I'm so lucky to have him. :">

Don't be in a relationship if you're gonna act single.

Ibblog ko kase sobrang naiinis ako ngayon srsly!
Ang hirap sa mga lalake magaling lang sila manligaw, pero pag sinagot na sila balewala na naman. I mean, nakalimutan na nila yung responsibility nila as a boyfriend. Nakakalimutan nilang may commitment sila. Parang nakakainsulto lang sa mga babae diba, nagtiwala sila tapos ganon ganon na lang yun pag nakuha na nila yung loob ng babae. Sa una pakitang gilas pa yang mga lalakeng yan, pero pag tumatagal na nakakalimutan na may mga girlfriend sila. Pasarap buhay sila. Di ko sinasabe na lahat ng oras nila ay dun lang sa babae, pero sana gawin nila yung responsibility nila as a boyfriend. Hindi yung kayo na nga, umaarte ka na parang wala kang girlfriend. Gagawin mo lahat ng gusto mo, like pag gusto mo umalis with your friends aalis ka ng walang paalam. Ang mga babae maarte yan pero nilalagay naman sa lugar. Gusto ng mga babae mas pagtuunan mo siyang pansin. Hindi yung parang lagi na lang balewala. One more thing, pag nambabae yung lalake. sana di ka na lang nanligaw, sana di mo na lang pinaniwala yung girl na gusto mo siya. Kung di mo naman din siya sesryosohin para san pa. Nakasakit ka pa diba!

Ang mga lalaki malaki ang rsponsibility nyan. Lalo na kung may anak na, alam na niya dapat niyang ikilos. Wala na yung feeling single pa din. Kase dapat ang focus nila nasa family na niya. Hindi sa friends or sa sarili niya. AAt some point, syempe kailangan din nila ng social life diba. Pero dapat alam nila yung limitations nila.

Di ako galit sa lalake. May boyfriend na ko and my baby na kame. Nagblog lang ako about dyan kase nararanasan ko yan ngayon. Gusto ko na matuto siya sa mga ginagawa niya.

Yun lang po ang gusto ko iparating! Hee =))

Friday, July 1, 2011

ChurpChurp Philippines | Social Share » Extra Excitement in your McDonald's Meal with the New Coca-Cola Can Glass Series! (Preview)

ChurpChurp Philippines | Social Share » Extra Excitement in your McDonald's Meal with the New Coca-Cola Can Glass Series! (Preview)

Love is about imparting a sense of security to your relationship

Kailangan sa mga partner ang ipakita na mahalaga sa bawat isa sakanila yung relationship nila. Alagaan nilang mabuti yung samahan nila. Kahit pa sabihin nila na nag-aaway sila, normal lang yun. Ang mahalaga, sa bawat away ng isang couple, natututo sila. Nalalaman nila ang di dapat para sa ikabubuti ng relationship nila. Kailangan iparamdam ng bawat couple yung importance nung relationship nila, di lang dahil sa kailangan, pero dahil gusto nila itong pagtibayin pa.

"For a successful relationship, it is always better that you contribute the maximum and make your partner feel secure about the relationship."


It is an act of trying to influence or gain favor of another by giving attention of gifts to him/her.

Two types of romance:

  • Selfish Romance - it occurs when you do romantic acts solely for the purpose of gaining something for yourself, like to get gifts or to impress someone else.
  • Selfless Romance - it occurs when you do romantic acts for the enjoyment and pleasure of your partner. You receive your enjoyment and pleasure through their happiness.


Everyone finds a perfect person whom they hopelessly fall in love with and live happily ever after but we know in some instances, we have to end the relationship.

Possible causes of a couple’s break-up? Here’s some.

  • They simply are not happy with each other anymore.
  • They found someone “better” besides his/her present boy/girlfriend.
  • Busy schedules.
  • No communication.
  • One of them is cheating.
  • Being too different.
  • No trust.
  • Everybody is against to your relationship.
  • You are “falling out of love”.
  • Both wanted to end their relationship.
  • You cannot understand each other anymore.
  • Your partner does not give you importance and always sets you aside.

Tips to help you move on.

Breaking-up with someone is really a painful thing. But, it is not the end of your life and you have to move on.

  • First of all, accept the fact that your relationship is over.
  • Think that he/she is not the only person in the world.
  • Make yourself busy.
  • Go out with friends. Have fun. Meet new people.
  • Always think positive.
  • Think that God have greater plans for you and He is always at your side.
  • Have someone you can talk to.
  • Sort out things with your ex-boy/girlfriend.
  • Concentrate on other things.
  • Think of a brighter day ahead you.

Kahit paulit ulit, ang sarap lang pagusapan.

Kanina, pinapatulog namin si Kurt. Tapos di talaga matapos samin yung issue kanina. :) Buti na lang kahit maingay kame, natulog pa din si Kurt. hangga’t di kase niya sinasagot tanong ko, lalo na’t seryoso di ko talaga siya tinitigilan. Bigla niyang sinabe, “Ayoko ng mga ganyang usapan eh, di na naman tayo makakatulog eh.” Ako naman pilit pa rin ng pilit na sumagot siya para tumigil na ko. Sagot na naman siya, “Hay nako, kilala kita. Di na matatapos yang usapan natin. Pagkatulog ni Kurt maya-maya tumatabi ka na sakin tas bigla kang haharap at magtatanong ng kung ano-ano.” Which is true. Hehe lagi namin yun ginagawa. Mag reminisce ng paulit ulit. Same issues. :) Lalo na pag senti yung mga tugtog, may isa samin ang biglang babanat dyan at magsisimula ng topic. Buti na lang kahit ganon di na kame nagkakapikunan kase before, pag may tinago siya na ngayon ko lang nalaman, end na yng topic. Wala ng explanation. Eh ngayon kahit paulit ulit na parang wala lang. Tawa lang ng tawa :)

Siguro kaya din kame ganto ka-close at open sa isa’t isa kase mag 5 years na kame.

P.S: sa mga in a relationship dyan or what, magandang maging open sa partner niyo. Para walang gulo or something. Para clear lahat sa relationship niyo. Ang saya kaya pag super close kayo ng partner niyo :”>

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Say HI! :)

Smile baby :) Parang magpapa-i.d picture lang. Hehe! :)
Kamukha na nga ng kanyang daddy. Shape pa lang ng mukha! :">

Kailangan bang pagchismisan lahat ng bagay?

Inspired akong mag-blog ngayon. Dahil dun sa issue kay Andi Eigenman na nagdadalang tao ngayon. Di ko alam bakit kailangan pang pag-usapan ng madla yung tungkol dun. May mapapala ba sila pag pinagchismisan nila yon? Di naman sila yung bubuhay kay Andi at sa baby niya. Naranasan ko na kase yung ganyang feeling before nung pinagbubuntis ko pa si Kurt. Oo dati ayaw ko pa talaga ipalaam kahit kanino although malalaman at malalaman din nila yon. Pero syempre, konting privacy na lang diba. Ayaw kong magpaka-stress nun sa issue about that. Pero ika nga, may pakpak ang balita. Mabilis talaga kakalat yang chismis na yan, lalo na yang pagbubuntis na yan. Pero mapapala ba sila pag pinagusapan nila kameng mga nagbubuntis? Wala naman diba. At saka, etong baby na kasama namin ngayon ay isang blessing kay God. Babae ako kaya alam ko yung mga nararamdaman ng mga buntis na pinaguusapan at naranasan ko yun. Buti sana kung sila yung bubuhay samen dba, kung sila yung susupota. Pero hindi naman. Naninira lang sila ng image ng ibang tao. Ginusto man 'to o hinde, andito na yun at wala silang magagawa at gift ni God yun. Konting respeto na lang diba sa mga babae. :)


Ang baby ko walang leeg! Hihi :) Siopao ang itusra. Kalbo pa. Taba pa niya dyan, buti na lang tumataba na siya ulit ngayon. Madalas kase magkasipon eh. Dahil sa pabago bagong panahon.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Change is DIFFICULT.

One of the hardest struggles comes when we sense that something is ending and we have to let go. Transitions take us through a continuous process of losing and finding a new identity. We are no longer the same person after important life changes and we have to bid farewell to one sense of self without knowing what we will be like in the future. Just let go.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beautiful ME! :">

Obviously it's my favorite picture of myself! :) I made it as my primary photo for all of my sites! It was taken last January 2, 2011 by Cj when we went toTagaytay.

First out of town for the year 2011

January 2, 2011.
First out of town for the year 2011 with Cj's family. :)

With my baby kurt and daddy Cj :)
Taal Vista
My two handsome boys.
B!/Daddy. :)
Me with my little boy :">

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sice bago pa lang ako, update ko na lang lahat ng gusto kong i-post! Mga posts ko since last year :">

Real friends are here :)

Yan ang mga true friend Haha kasama sa inuman after class! Partida naka uniform pa :) That time nagcecelebrate kame ng monthsary ng barkada. :) Mapera pa kame that time at laging may mga time kaya lagi kameng nakakapagcelebrate. pero ngayon, wala.. Bihira na lang kame mga magkita, as-in :( Super busy sa school, kahit lapit lang ng mga bahay namin, talagang walang time. (Ako lang di mapula kase di talaga ako umiinom :D

Eto naman ang CAT class namin. :) Nakakamiss din pla yang uniform na yan kahit napakainit isuot. Bihira lang ata kame pumasok dyan, wala naman kase ginagawa. Naiinis lang samin yung leader ng group kase tawa lang kame ng tawa :)

Sobrang nakakamiss ang HS! Iba yung memories eh. Iba yung closeness. Pang forever na yung friendship na mabubuo niyong magkakaibigan eh :)

Sobrang miss ko na sila :)

55th month.

I hate the way you irritate me but afterwards you’re the only reason why I would smile again.