Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Long distance relationship.

Nowadays, many people are engaged in a long distance relationship. The fact that you cannot see your love one every time you wanted to makes it difficult for the both of you to keep your relationship stay longer. There are lots of things that one must do and lots that one must not do in order to rescue and sustain a long distance relationship.

  1. Practice respect, honestly and trust your partner and yourself. Listening in a caring and honest manner is a crucial component for facilitating trust with your partner. You should voluntarily offer information and communicate with empathy so that your partner will feel secure and prompted to open up as well.
  2. Frequent communications is an important element of long distance relationships. Every relationship is different, but the advantage of talking or checking in with your partner at least once each day can provide a stabilizing force to a relationship but often may be difficult due to different schedules, responsibilities, or time-zones.
  3. Bonding and nurturing emotional intimacy questions means being there for each other: "What was the most exciting/annoying part of your day? How are you feeling about us now?"
  4. Making use of different technology. Couples are not limited to phone calls. To add an element of surprise and spice to your long distance relationship, make the effort to send your partner a short email or text message expressing your feelings or just a sweet and simple "I love you". Writing letters via "snail-mail" can be romantic and also a keepsake memento for those times you're both feeling lonely or missing each other or a surprise for a special occasion.
  5. Maintain a sense of humor with your partner is essential in sharing in blunders of miscommunication and being able to laugh at your situation together.
  6. Maintain a good personal boundaries and limits and talking about realistic expectations creates greater comfort and a sense of security and doesn't lead to mixed messages or signals. Keep in mind to end your conversations with appreciations, hopes and desires for the present and near future. This helps strengthen your coping abilities with the situation.

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